Let the chaos begin

The month of death calls for a proper festival. What could work better than two days filled with metal’s most extreme genres?  Last year lacked such an event, and this year definitely didn’t disappoint with its obsidious offering of SteelChaos. With the announced lineup reaching from raw through oldschool black metal and extending to a few death metal groups, the festival looked extremely promising. Continue reading


When it’s cold and when it’s dark, the freezing moon can obsess you…

Regardless of many who would prefer Mayhem to end with the death of its former frontman and of the even larger group of people complaining about Attila Csihar’s emotion-loaded performance, De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas in its entirety was a gig I didn’t want to miss.
Another very positive side to Mayhem’s October performance in Nosturi was the autumn mood at its best: misty mornings of the last months of the year, evenings getting colder, deathlike trees and the northern landscape looking wonderfully grim. Continue reading

DECAPITATED check in from the road, feeling “awesome as fuck” for first Finland gigs!

Interview with Vogg by Lady Enslain

Vogg @Blastfest, Norway 2015

Enslain: How are you?  It’s been a while!

Vogg: Still drunk from yesterday!  But ok, very cool!  First show, in Lithuania, very cool!

Enslain: So today you’re in Latvia… how’s the tour been so far?

Vogg: Today is the second show, so, you know, I can’t tell too much, but it seems to be that the tour will be killer!  All the bands know each other since many many years.  It’s like a vacation with friends, seems that we will have a really cool time!  I’m excited about Vader and Decapitated, it’s really cool that this happened, finally!

Enslain: Are you excited about coming to Finland for the first time?

Vogg: Yeah, yeah!  That’s one of the best things about this tour!  I don’t know how it happened, but we’ve never played in Finland before, which is actually from one side really cool, so I don’t know what to expect, but I think it will be killer!  I know lots of people, the guys from Children of Bodom, from Medeia, Rotten Sound, I know some of them will come to see us, and… I’m very excited… after 20 years of Decapitated, we will play Helsinki, Finland, that’s awesome as fuck!

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Accept @Jäähalli, Helsinki

a quickie snapshot of Sabaton and Accept by a metal n00b

SABATON, ACCEPT & TWILIGHT FORCE – Jäähalli, Helsinki – Feb 24, 2017

My buddy Giovanni, who I know not from the metal scene, but rather from Haidong Gumdo swordfighting lessons, is well aware of my predilection for music of the punishing persuasion.  Perhaps this is why he decided to punish me one day, by asking if I’d be down for some Sabaton when they’d be playing Jäähalli.  Thinking it might be amusing to observe Gio at his second ever metal gig (the first was when I dragged him begrudgingly to see Possessed and Absu at a black metal festival in Italy!) where he might actually be able to get something out of the show, I acquiesced.  Aaaand I decided to make him uncomfortable and ask him to jot down some post-gig thoughts from his fresh and unadulterated viewpoint, since I’m not so sure it would be kind for me to say what I actually thought of the gig… [I will, however, bitch a little about how much of a raw deal Twilight Force had gotten as far as sound engineering goes, acknowledge that I thoroughly enjoyed the professionalism, gusto and metal thunder of Accept, and when it came to Sabaton, I spent more of my time thinking about the logistics of stage production and road management to produce a “show” of that magnitude.]  But I digress… take a listen to what the Sabafanboy had to say instead! Continue reading

Hexvessel @Tavastia

The Vessel Lead by Hawks is About to Leave

09 Feb 2017 – HEXVESSEL, DEATH HAWKS, KAIRON; IRSE! – Tavastia, Helsinki

Hello, Tavastia, my old friend.
I’ve come to see some bands again.
This time ‘cause a zine is softly asking,
Gave its promise of good times writing.
And the vision was planted in my brain:
you’ll have fun,
in the realms of reporting.

It was a cold evening with the brightest moon almost full.  I was walking towards Tavastia alongside me the feelings of excitement, joy, and this being my first gig report ever: fear.  Fear of not being able to enjoy the gig while trying to get somewhat decent photos AND actually remember something worth writing about afterwards.

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suicidal, like us after listening to these songs

Throw-up Sunday – 30 Spotify Songs Spewed upon

Other medias do Throwback Thursdays.  But Enslain… well, we do Throw-up Sundays.  Classy, I know.

After a weekend of heavy metal [and heavy boozing], our corpses have little strength for much more than being slothful Sunday slugs, but we’ve conceived of a way to come together to the Enslain waterbed office as a grumpy group of gremlins – which I will call the “Spew Crew” – and hate on songs we’ve (mostly) never heard before.  Sorta like an acrimonious levyraati.

The first time was by accident.  Having no energy to even choose albums to listen to, I played my personalized Spotify Discover Weekly playlist, only to learn that most of it was detestable, derivative dog droppings [or perhaps everything just kinda sounds that way when you have a moody, melancholy hangover].  Normally, I only like to publish content that promotes music that’s worth being heard, but… this idea was just too fun!  And since the comments and the reviewers are anonymous, we’re safe to say whatever we damned well please.  You’re welcome.  Sorry.

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“Everything’s horrible anyway, so let’s go to a squat and listen to powerviolence!”

A week ago, a handful of us Enslainers had a planning session [otherwise known as “we drank beer”] at Enslain Headquarters, and we noticed that a curious and relevant musical affair was being held early that Wednesday evening; curious because it was apparently occurring at a “squat” somewhere nearby, and relevant because several friends (crust punk pummellers Pelkotila from Helsinki, and powerviolence à la Tallinn-based Sociasylum) would be performing at the event.  We collectively decided that it sounded just peculiar enough to warrant our interests… and it was BYOB, so it wasn’t much different than what we were doing prior!

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Those who missed Sadistic Intent’s show at last year’s Steelfest were lucky enough to have the opportunity to see the band in town again. The small but great venue Kuudes Linja hosted both Obscure Burial from Turku and Sadistic coming all the way from Los Angeles.
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Performing a satanic ritual onstage is such a good way to spend time with your sibling, isn’t it?

Helsinki Black Mass in Ääniwalli was an event I couldn’t miss. Not just because of the excellent lineup, but also because of the tasks awaiting me – the very gig review you’ve just started reading and, this time, taking photos. Sometimes life is full of surprises.  Even the venue was quite a surprise, since I’ve always connected Ääniwalli with electronic music rather than metal. This time, luckily, this place hosted six black metal bands. Continue reading

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