DECAYING – War Has Just Begun…

Decaying - logoTons of different death metal bands have popped up in Finland bowing at the altars of old death metal gods; some awesome, some not so much… Luckily for Helsinki’s Decaying, they happen to be one of the awesome ones – having a unique sound that combines harsh, furious death metal with more epic doomy stuff. I also feel obligated to mention the “Van Drunen” vocals that will send chills down your spine… Having already released three full-lengths, I wanted to ask some questions from the guitarist/vocalist/composer/lyricist/mastermind Matias Nastolin. Continue reading

A festival called Jalometalli

Jalometalli Metal Music Festival – Club Teatria, Oulu – August 9–10, 2013

Teatria Slayerized


Just like the year before, one of the acoustic Sytyke summer clubs at Nosturi’s downstairs served as our capital area Jalometalli foreplay, this time featuring the particularly alluring twosome of Mörbid Vomit and The Crescent. Despite the harsh reality of our traditionally fuck-ass early Friday morning flight to Oulu, there was additional cause for mild celebration on this Thursday evening, as a few dozen boxes of Enslain #11 had just arrived to our headquarters earlier the same day, and hadn’t come out of the pressing plant looking like total shit. Continue reading

Lutakko Liekeissä 2013: J-Town is burning down.

Lutakko Liekeissä Festival – Tanssisali Lutakko, Jyväskylä – August 31, 2013

Lutakko Liekeissä 2013

Despite being arranged already for the 8th time, our paths hadn’t led us to Lutakko Liekeissä before, probably because of the roster’s heavy emphasis on the punky and alternative side of things, as well as its relative remoteness for us southern slackers. However, this year the festival caught our eye with the combination of two of my long-time favorites, Xysma and Rytmihäiriö, accompanied with a couple of other interesting metal and punk acts. Taking place at J-town’s most prominent rock venue Lutakko, with one stage inside and another one on the yard, the event packed sixteen acts into one day, starting in the early afternoon and finishing after midnight. There was no age limit to enjoy the music, but each stage had an area sanctioned for alcohol consumption in its proximity, providing a decent view. Continue reading

The best Rytmihäiriö interview you’ve never read. Näin on marjat.

This is the less cut and more chaotic version of the interview that appears in issue #11, conducted by Lady Enslain and Ossi face-to-face with the entire surma squad on April 26th, 2013 Anno Gambina. To be enjoyed with a tall bottle of you-should-know-what. Or two.

Nosturi, May 17th, 2013 Continue reading