Rotting Christ plays Helsinki. Where were you?

The sun has long faded from sight, and a displeasant breeze rattles your spine, reminding you that winter is fast approaching in gloomy gray Helsinki.  Briefly veiled by the cold and the darkness, you fail to recognize the disturbing sensation until it envelops you in a sudden pang of realization: it’s Saturday fucking night; and you’re wasting it doing a whole lot of nothing.

Or, well, this might have been my feeling had I been too lame to get off my sorry ass and head to Nosturi for Rotting Christ.

Rotting Christ / 2013 / Nosturi Continue reading

Fall of the Idols / Wolfshead – Doom from the North


When I first fell in love with (traditional) doom metal, there weren’t that many Finnish bands of the genre around.  Having already spent hours listening to the likes of Reverend Bizarre, Minotauri and Spiritus Mortis, I still wanted more.  I can’t recall where I first read the name Fall of the Idols, but for some reason, it really stuck in my mind, and I just had to find out more about the rising traditional doom metal band.  Setting my eyes on the cover of their debut album The Womb of the Earth, it looked really weird, with some stag figure standing in a forest with an inverted cross above its head.  Without having heard a single song from the album, I just bought it out of curiosity.  Well, needless to say, I didn’t regret this decision, and in my opinion, The Womb of the Earth is still the best Finnish doom metal album ever made.  But that’s enough about the past – let us turn our gaze into the future and harass bassist Vesa Karppinen with some questions about Fall of the Idols and his new band Wolfshead! Continue reading

Concrete Icon – Triumphant through Troubled Times


There are few metal bands in Turku playing the slower, more crushing and oppressive style. With their combination of sludgy riffing with more majestic doom metal, Concrete Icon enters the picture. Through numerous line-up changes, they’ve managed to thrive and put out top-notch releases. After having released their debut Perennial Anguish this summer, the idea sparked to ask a number of questions from main man Jake. Continue reading