Digital Storytelling 2017: Possessed/Absu European tour

My individual project will be about something that I’ve been planning on writing about for nearly a year now – the story of how I toured Europe with the renowned death metal band POSSESSED, completely by accident.

  • Audience:
    • readers of my magazine: Enslain Magazine
    • larger, similar-demographic audience I hope to appeal to
    • my friends and tourmates
    • this classroom
  • Message:
    • story of the adventures and struggles of DIY touring, a behind-the-scenes look at the industry, and probably more.
    • A way for my readers to relate to me as a journalist/public figure, through hearing my stories
  • Sound:
    • Narrated video, sometimes video narration, sometimes just voice-over when showing other pictures/images/video
    • Intro animation should have some music
    • Sound effects? (during animated map scenes)
    • Video clips from tour
  • Channel:
    • 3-5 part segmented video, uploaded to YouTube
    • posted on WordPress blog
    • shared through Facebook personal and business pages
    • Where else?
  • Technology:
    • PictraMap: create animated trail line map of Europe
    • Movavi Video Editor: for editing and compilation of video, photo, animation and narration files
    • Audacity or alternative program: sound recording
    • DSLR camera in video mode, tripod
    • Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom: photo editing
    • Adobe Aftereffects?: intro animation? other transitions?
    • Speech captioning for international audience and Facebook users who don’t turn on audio?
    • Statistics tracking online

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