Sinisthra play Lojo. Ain’t no hölynpöly.

On the same Friday that Black Sun Aeon (which features the main hahmo from Before the Dawn, and singers from Sinamore and Sotajumala) were to play their possibly first Helsinki gig, and Spiritus Mortis (long-time doom band now featuring Albert of Reverend Bizarre) were to play in Turku with Lord Vicar (another offshoot from the Rev…) & Fleshpress, there was announced to be a break-all-other-plans-and-drive-to-Lohja band, Sinisthra. (Featuring Mr. Joutsen of Amorphis, and whose drummer Erkki can be credited for gracefully translating into English the lyrics of some later Amo releases). I could do more name dropping if I chose to, but this bolded paragraph is already suffocating.

Suffice it to say, this was one of those days I could be at once irritated by the convergence and rigidness of time, and still again able to remind everyone that my country is better than your country.

Especially with this gig being announced as Sinisthra’s only likely show of the year, and that their previous was performed four summers ago, this gig demanded my attendance. And the club’s kaksarit, or, happy hour with 2€ shots, certainly didn’t hurt.

Playing began with “Coming Up Roses” no differently than begins their album “Last of the Stories of Long Past Glories.” Aided by the narrow shape of the room and a respectable crowd of Lohjans swarming the stage, the acoustics sounded out with perfection. They played with vigor and passion, and the excitement was contagious.

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The instrumentation is a pleasure to experience, with soft simplicity juxtaposed by a heartaching callousness and unexpected rhythms. But what touches me most about this melodic metal band is their intriguingly poetic lyrics; an added excellence that are voiced so magically, colorfully, and personally. And so exactly, live. Singing along was easy, because Tomi retained the original melody of nearly every note. “Ice Cube Sun” has been resonating between my ears since the weekend, and was a joy to finally hear live.

With Sinisthra as the night’s only act, and though performing only a meager 8 songs, one of the finals was “Closely Guarded Distance” from their yet-unreleased demo, which was easily ten minutes long, but could have lasted the weekend and been okay with me. After closing with (again, just like the album) “Completely Incomplete”, the audience, feeling perhaps similar to this, demanded more for several minutes, but were left unsatiated.

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