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The Gathering of Romaniac Forces: November to Dismember 2013

November to DismemberFusion Arena, Bucharest, Romania – November 29–30, 2013

‘Twas thirteen Novembers ago the last time I’d attended an event by the cognomination of November to Dismember, and I remember it well.  Back then, the name represented two of the many festival failures orchestrated by the notoriously distrusted hands of Jack Koshick – taking place in San Antonio in ‘99 and the following year just outside of L.A. and offering a spattering of European first-timers who ultimately ended up not getting paid.

Although entirely unrelated, the name has now been resurrected by an upstart underground fest in Bucharest which to some – us included – may have presented a similar air of dubiousness to contend with.  The organizers’ relative greenness in arranging a fest, the line-up boasting bigshots like Hail of Bullets and Impaled Nazarene along with a host of unfamiliar names from around the globe, and the iffy location (if you trust hearsay about Romania) weren’t exactly signposts for reliability.

It took a bit longer than usual to get this wrap-up written… I actually had the whole report drafted before ever even stepping foot off the plane at Henri Coandǎ International Airport, exposing how clusterfucked this first-time happening was, and how unoriginal and uninspired the line-up was.  It then expressed my apologies for not having any photos to show for it, thanks to the theft of my camera when we got mugged by a slipshod gang of local thugs after being extorted for cash in one of the city’s many dark taxis, and driven to an innercity circle of dilapidation awaiting our capitulation.

But then, none of that actually happened. [Hah, yeah, ace journalism, Lady Enslain; proliferating age-old stereotypes instead of doing your job…] Instead, the trip had been among the best we’d attended all year, forcing me to crumple up the unsubstantiated writings that I never actually wrote, and begin anew – and attempt to do justice to this exemplary festival achievement and fantastic weekend.

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