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Til Dovre Faller 2014 – Small Fest for Big Nuts

Til Dovre Faller Metal Fest – Dombås Hotell, Dombås, Norway – September 19–20, 2014

While the third Thursday of September saw most gig-hunting Nordic numskulls pack themselves into Close-Up Båten to sail between Sweden and Finland along with Bolt Thrower, Katatonia et al, our compass was pointing at Norway instead. Since our first Til Dovre Faller experience in 2012, a September visit to the land of expensive beer and jaw-dropping natural scenery has become a cherished Enslain tradition, thanks to the fest’s reliably intriguing band roster, uniquely gorgeous and cozy setting, and the welcoming and friendly atmosphere among the annually returning crusaders that we feel proud to have become a part of. Continue reading

Return to Dombås: Til Dovre Faller 2013

Til Dovre Faller Metal Fest – Dombås Hotell, Dombås, Norway – September 27–28, 2013

Norway in September

Norway in September

Our first venture to what must be one of Norway’s smallest and most obscure metal gatherings had been among the most elevating experiences of 2012, so returning to the scene of the crime was an obvious choice. Having hyped the excellence of this event to most of our more adventurous festival-going friends, we had managed to recruit another crusader among our ranks for this second round, expanding our (almost) Finnish flock into a trio. Continue reading