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Hammer 2013, Saturday: HORRIFIED

Hammer Open Air Metal Festival – Mannin navetta, Lieto – Saturday, July 20, 2013

HOA ’13 Horrified by Repulsion

Having ended the night relatively early by heading straight to our place of lodging at Heavy Metal Henriksson’s suburban pad, our Saturday morning wasn’t filled with hangover horror, although a devious feline dweller of the lair was doing his best to terrorize the slumbering houseguests with his claws. After having a bit of Venom and beer for breakfast, we attempted to make our way out of the hood to the Turku market square where the Hammer busses were departing from. A little bit of confused wandering, waiting and a sandwich later, we managed to hop on the second Lieto-bound bus of the day, which got us to the festival area just in time for the first band. Continue reading

Hammer 2013, Friday: Please let me die in Lieto

Hammer Open Air Metal Festival – Mannin navetta, Lieto – Friday, July 19, 2013

…and it’s gone.

After one day and night of catching our breath and brains, it was time for another Friday pre-noon departure from EHS (Etelä-Haagan Shell for the uninitiated), with the sacrificially all-weekend sober Antti behind the wheel, and his turbo-drinking sidekick Juho occupying the map-reader’s spot.  Watching the latter finish three cans of Karhu before we even made it to the highway sure gave a timely wake-up call to our thirst as well, and so the two-and-a-half-hour ride turned out to be smooth satanic sailing in the sea of brew, with just one brief shopping stop, where we happened to run into the Cataleptic caravan. Continue reading

Hammer 2013, pre-party: Double dose of Down Under delirium

Hammer Open Air pre-party: Vomitor & Portal – PRKL Club, Helsinki – July 17, 2013

If you don’t count the official warm-up show at PRKL Club in May – with death/doom crushers Cataleptic, ancient death ritualists Lantern and blood-soaked black metal maniacs Hellspirit delivering the evils – the fourth sessions of hammering and being hammered began with a Wednesday pre-party at the same Helsinki venue. This time it wasn’t just about a bunch of quality domestic names, though, as Turku’s Metallihelvetti had gotten Aussies Vomitor to disrupt their Satan’s Escalation Tour with a visit to our forbidden frozen zone ruled by polar bears and suicidal knife-fighting eskimos. However, what made this date all the more special was it being one of the few on this European crusade to also include their countrymen Portal. Continue reading