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Adoration of Resuscitated Necrobrains IV: Abhorrence


With vocalist Jukka providing the only putrid fruits – one demo tape and one 7” EP – of Abhorrence’s brief amok run for download on the band’s website for over ten years already, getting to know this short-lived but significant bunch wasn’t much of an ordeal.  While I couldn’t completely relate to the high praise given to the band by some, Abhorrence was yet another delightfully depraved discovery, and songs like “Vulgar Necrolatry” – perhaps better known from the repertoire of guitarist Tomi’s succeeding band Amorphis – and “Disintegration of Flesh” stood out as some of the most malignant monuments of domestic death metal mastery. Continue reading

Adoration of Resuscitated Necrobrains III: Purtenance


Convulse’s town-mates Purtenance weren’t among my first acquaintances from the olden days, and even after discovering their first and only full-length from 1992, Member of Immortal Damnation, it didn’t reach a very important position in my books.  However, as Purtenance reissues started pouring in over 15 years after the initial release, I gave the album further listens that enhanced my appreciation.  It still might not make it to my top-10 of old Finnish death metal full-lengths, but it’s definitely an essential album to lend your ear to, if you’re one of us craving for that dark, doomy atmosphere of obscurity combined with frenzied waves of decay. Continue reading

Adoration of Resuscitated Necrobrains II: Convulse


Quite soon after getting to know Xysma, I started seeing the name of Convulse mentioned here and there, but hunting down their material even in the virtual jungle proved challenging.  After stumbling upon one or two of their later day tracks that were a delightful finding with their xysmic rocking, I soon managed to purchase the second album Reflections on CD for a ridiculous price of 2 euros or so.  The debut World Without God wasn’t quite as easy to track down, though, as it seemed like my searches were mostly just turning up posts from the Relapse Records board, where a certain user was persistently pestering the label to do a re-release of the album.  However, after I emailed the guy in question, he was kind enough to send me the mp3s he had found, and I’m not sure if I’ve ever been as excited about opening a goddamn bunch of files.  It became clear that my high expectations hadn’t been for nothing, as the iconic keyboard intro started creeping down my spine, then launching into the boneheaded brutality and morbid atmosphere that is World Without God. Continue reading

Adoration of Resuscitated Necrobrains: Xysma

Since obsessing over old(school) Finnish death metal will surely be one of the key characteristics of this space, let’s start with my Adoration of Resuscitated Necrobrains article from Enslain #11.  Also, I’ve been too lazy/busy split 7” to write anything actually fresh, so here we go:

Before discovering the musical marvels of Xysma’s early works through the double-CD compilation that Spikefarm graciously put out in late 2004, my only brushes with old Finnish death metal had been some early Amorphis and Sentenced songs, which hadn’t really served as much more than interesting glimpses into the past of bands that were now doing something more interesting to my ears.  However, facing the intensity, atmosphere and originality of Xysma’s music left an inerasable trace in my sonic memory.  The release of the compilation also triggered a fair amount of exposure for the band in the Finnish music media, and their charmingly cruddy old photos and heartwarming stories of tape trading times, youth center gigs and rehearsals in sub-zero conditions added to the compelling aura. Continue reading