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Hammer 2013, pre-party: Double dose of Down Under delirium

Hammer Open Air pre-party: Vomitor & Portal – PRKL Club, Helsinki – July 17, 2013

If you don’t count the official warm-up show at PRKL Club in May – with death/doom crushers Cataleptic, ancient death ritualists Lantern and blood-soaked black metal maniacs Hellspirit delivering the evils – the fourth sessions of hammering and being hammered began with a Wednesday pre-party at the same Helsinki venue. This time it wasn’t just about a bunch of quality domestic names, though, as Turku’s Metallihelvetti had gotten Aussies Vomitor to disrupt their Satan’s Escalation Tour with a visit to our forbidden frozen zone ruled by polar bears and suicidal knife-fighting eskimos. However, what made this date all the more special was it being one of the few on this European crusade to also include their countrymen Portal. Continue reading