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Accept @Jäähalli, Helsinki

a quickie snapshot of Sabaton and Accept by a metal n00b

SABATON, ACCEPT & TWILIGHT FORCE – Jäähalli, Helsinki – Feb 24, 2017

My buddy Giovanni, who I know not from the metal scene, but rather from Haidong Gumdo swordfighting lessons, is well aware of my predilection for music of the punishing persuasion.  Perhaps this is why he decided to punish me one day, by asking if I’d be down for some Sabaton when they’d be playing Jäähalli.  Thinking it might be amusing to observe Gio at his second ever metal gig (the first was when I dragged him begrudgingly to see Possessed and Absu at a black metal festival in Italy!) where he might actually be able to get something out of the show, I acquiesced.  Aaaand I decided to make him uncomfortable and ask him to jot down some post-gig thoughts from his fresh and unadulterated viewpoint, since I’m not so sure it would be kind for me to say what I actually thought of the gig… [I will, however, bitch a little about how much of a raw deal Twilight Force had gotten as far as sound engineering goes, acknowledge that I thoroughly enjoyed the professionalism, gusto and metal thunder of Accept, and when it came to Sabaton, I spent more of my time thinking about the logistics of stage production and road management to produce a “show” of that magnitude.]  But I digress… take a listen to what the Sabafanboy had to say instead! Continue reading