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Dissecting 2013

2013 was quite the year for Enslain Magazine, taking us on a plethora of awesome adventures from the frosty mountains of Dovre to the dingy alleys of Bucharest and the sunny shores of Zadar.  Most importantly, it saw the release of a new print issue, bearing the number 11.  A lot of thought was put into making the magazine thematic yet varied, colorful yet coherent – summing up our most significant experiences and passions from the last couple of years in all things metal.  We’d like to think it turned out pretty nice.

While Ossi took a more prominent role than before in the forging of the new issue, ascending to a position one might call “co-editor,” we had the honor and delight to take in some new blood as well.  With the launch of the Enslain blog, Kari joined the fold, mainly providing interrogations with groups he deems best in cruelties of death and doom, and more recently, Tommi stepped in as a record review contributor.  Welcome to Hell, dudes, let’s make 2014 the best one so far.  Anyway, as clichés dictate, here’s our wrap-up of last year, with each of us listing the five top dogs in releases, as well as the most decimating live experience endured [except Tommi, who thought that pretty much all gigs he saw last year sucked balls]. Continue reading