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Adoration of Resuscitated Necrobrains: Xysma

Since obsessing over old(school) Finnish death metal will surely be one of the key characteristics of this space, let’s start with my Adoration of Resuscitated Necrobrains article from Enslain #11.  Also, I’ve been too lazy/busy split 7” to write anything actually fresh, so here we go:

Before discovering the musical marvels of Xysma’s early works through the double-CD compilation that Spikefarm graciously put out in late 2004, my only brushes with old Finnish death metal had been some early Amorphis and Sentenced songs, which hadn’t really served as much more than interesting glimpses into the past of bands that were now doing something more interesting to my ears.  However, facing the intensity, atmosphere and originality of Xysma’s music left an inerasable trace in my sonic memory.  The release of the compilation also triggered a fair amount of exposure for the band in the Finnish music media, and their charmingly cruddy old photos and heartwarming stories of tape trading times, youth center gigs and rehearsals in sub-zero conditions added to the compelling aura. Continue reading