Watching a not-band play not-music at a not-not-art gallery

The husband and I decided to attend the opening of Jukka Siikala’s art exhibition at Galleria Katariina yesterday. Mr. Siikala has created several album covers and logos, notable to us being some of Enochian Crescent’s. On this pre-opening day was to perform Bizarre Uproar. I asked of Ossi, ‘what kind of music?’ and my reply was, that it is not. ‘OK, well, what kind of not-music is it?’ Well, specifically, I’m told, it can be called ‘harsh noise.’ For a less ambiguous description, imagine that you are walking towards the art gallery from a couple of blocks away just moments before the scheduled time of 6pm, and you hear faint but distinct sounds of railway traffic, or squealing breaks therefrom, and think, ‘ah, it must be some problem with the tram (street car, or ratikka as we call it, because calling it by english words feels illigit.)’ So yes, they had started ‘playing’ already moments before our arrival. Thankfully, upon walking through the gallery door, we were handed sets of earplugs, which I otherwise never use. Yesterday, however… yeah.

Neither was it music, nor a band, only the figure of a man covered by a hoodie, back always turned against the crowded room of onlookers. This figure had a microphone and lots of things connected with wires that fedback at each other to create the experienced… experience. The figure’s wife stood to the side, and occasionally took part with some exorcisms from her throat that were perhaps harsher than the hooded figure’s own.

It was brief, but only adequately, and this not-band’s not-music celebrated the occasion well. As did the free wine and beers being served while viewing the pieces of dark art.

More gig photos HERE.

Regarding the artwork, which was not the most incomprehensible I’ve ever seen, but still much too abstract for me to relate to more than guessing the shapes of clouds in the sky, the theme was ‘lifelessness’, but to me it was something more desperate than that. Maybe only because I was vaguely seeing winged demons consuming flesh in one of the paintings, and nothingness among many others. While the concept of complementary wine made me consider becoming an art buff, I don’t think I’m quite deep enough in that regard.

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